Porsche is getting ready to introduce the Macan EV in 2024, but that’s just the start of Porsche’s electrification plans. Porsche estimates that 80 percent of its vehicle sales will be fully electric by 2030, so that obviously means that more EVs are on the way.

2024 Porsche Cayenne

In a press conference today, Porsche outlined some of its plans. We already know that an electric 718 is coming by the middle of this decade, but Porsche has confirmed that “in the medium term it will only be available as an all-electric model.” Porsche has also confirmed that an electric Cayenne will follow the introduction of the 718 EV. The four-generation Cayenne will arrive with a fully electric powertrain. In the meantime the 2024 Cayenne will introduce three updated plug-in hybrid versions with longer EV driving ranges.

Following the Cayenne EV, Porsche will introduce its first three-row SUV, which will also be electric. The new electric flagship SUV will be based on the new SSP Sport platform and Porsche says that it “is designed to offer strong performance and automated driving functions with the typical Porsche flyline, along with a completely new experience inside the vehicle.”