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Pontiac is going to drop the Torrent crossover and focus on becoming GM's "affordable performance" brand with vehicles like the new G8 and upcoming Solstice coupe.

Spy photos of the next generation 2009 Mazda6 have surfaced in the recent weeks. World Car Fans has posted a photo rendering of what the next Mazda6 may look like when it is finally revealed.

Alfa Romeo has been out of the US market since 1995, but next year the automaker will finally return! The first car to be sold here will be the 8C Competizione. Alfa Romeo is only making 500 of the 8c, with less than 100 dedicated to the US.

Lexus' best-selling SUV is due for a redesign for the 2009 model year. Spy photographers have caught a test mule of the SUV that looks pretty much the same as the current generation. Upon closer examination it is apparent that this is not the current version of the RX350.

Spy photographers have caught a new Acura sedan testing in the California desert. It is obvious that the sedan in the pictures is a new Acura sedan (front grille), but it is unclear which sedan it actually is.

Toyota has announced the pricing for the 2008 Toyota Prius, which now has a lower starting price than the 2007 model. This is due to the introduction of a new standard model that will start at $20,950.

Cadillac hopes to rejuvenate its lineup by killing off its large slow selling STS and DTS sedans. For years Cadillac has had an image of a producer of large luxury barges, for example the Escalade XL SUV. The automaker hopes to change that image by discontinuing its largest sedans and introducing a new small RWD sedan.

Brenda Priddy's crew has managed to catch some spy photos of a very special Mitsubishi Lancer. This prototype is different than the upcoming EVO since it doesn't have the same flared fenders and spoiler as the EVO version. This version does have 18 inch wheels, an intercooler for the turbo and dual exhaust pipes.

Forbes has put together a list of the top 20 most dangerous vehicles on the road. The Buick Rendevous SUV/ Minivan topped their list as possibly the worst car to buy right now in terms of safety. Compared to other minivans the Rendevous is up to three times more likely to cause a fatality.

Earlier this week Car Online released a few official sketches of the upcoming Audi A1. Now they have posted an official photo of the upcoming Audi A7 that was also leaked.

2008 MINI Clubman Specs and Photos Released


MINI has finally released the full specs and photos of the upcoming 2008 MINI Clubman. We've already seen spy photos of the car, but now we have the first official photos of the new "bigger" MINI.

When the new Porsche Cayenne Hybrid comes to market in 2009 or 2010 it will feature the ability to travel at 70mph without the use of the gas powered motor.

Audi's answer to the BMW X3 and upcoming Mercedes-Benz GLK is the Q5 SUV. We've seen spy photos of the SUV before, but this is the first time we are seeing it this naked. This SUV is built on the same MLP (Modular Long Platform) as the A5 and upcoming A4 sedan.

Ford has surprised the industry by posting a net profit of $750 million for the second quarter of 2007. After seven straight quarters of being in the red, Ford has managed to come back. Well don't get excited because it wasn't from actual car sales in North America, sales dropped 9 percent last quarter.

There has been speculation that Mercedes-Benz is considering bringing the Mercedes-Benz B-Class to the U.S. Well now the automaker has confirmed that the next-generation of the small car will make it here.

Chrysler has stomped on the 10yr warranties that are currently being offered by some automakers by offering an industry first lifetime warranty. The warranty applies to every new car and truck that Chrysler sells (remaining 2007 models and all 2008 models). The warranty which goes in effect today will cover the entire powertrain including the engine, transmission/ transaxle, drive shafts and axles.

Apparently CAR Online has received official sketches of Audi's new A1. With the success of the MINI line, Audi is working on a new small car to compete with the MINI and the BMW 1-Series. Unlike the photo renderings that we usually see of upcoming cars that only speculate on what the final product will look like, these photos are the real thing!

Brenda Priddy and team have caught more photos of the upcoming 2009 Mercedes-Benz GLK SUV. The GLK will share many components with the new C-Class that comes out next month in the U.S. It will be powered by a 3.5L V6 and will use Mercedes 4Matic AWD as standard. The SUV will also have the 7G-Tronic TouchShift automatic transmission.

Spy photographers have caught what looks to be a higher performance version of BMW's X5 SUV. Currently the X5 only has two engine options, a 3.0L 6-cylinder with 272 hp and a 4.8L V8 with 355 hp. From these photos it is apparent that BMW is working on an even more powerful version that will liked be called an M model.

Toyota is Going to Start Testing Plug-In Hybrids


Toyota has just announced that they have developed a plug-in hybrid vehicle and that the automaker will become the first automaker to have it certified for use in Japan.

Spy photographers have caught more photos of the upcoming 2010 Porsche Panamera sedan. Previous spy photos had a significant amount of camouflage on the rear end, now a prototype has been caught without the huge camouflage. These photos reveal that the rear spoiler on the Panamera will be a pop-up spoiler.

Rumors about the next-generation 2008 Honda Fit have been increasing in the last few weeks. Last week Honda announced that the next Honda Fit will debut in Japan this October. Now Winding Road has posted news about a scoop that they received regarding the styling and size of the new car.

The Honda Civic is one of the best selling small cars in the U.S. This year for the first time ever Honda applied the Si label to the sedan model (Previously the Si label was only applied to coupes and hatchbacks). This fall Honda is going to move the performance of the sedan up another notch. A higher-performance version of the Si, called the Mugen edition will be offered starting this fall.

Spy photos of Lincoln's upcoming MKS sedan have been circulating for months. Recently we got our first glimpse of the interior of the upcoming sedan. Now KGP spy photographers have caught some photos of a prototype with its engine exposed. Unfortunately from these photos it looks like the standard engine will be the 3.5L V6 that is in the Ford Taurus, Edge and Lincoln MKZ and not the new TwinForce V6.

A forum member on Caliberforums.com came across a 2008 model guide while visiting a local Dodge dealer in which he found the full specs for the 2008 Dodge Caliber SRT-4. Even though it was originally rumored that the SRT-4 version of the Caliber was going to have 300 horsepower, the final version will have to make due with 280HP.

2010 Porsche Cayenne Hybrid Will Average 26.8mpg


Porsche and Volkswagen have teamed up to develop a new hybrid powertrain that will be available as an option in the next-generation Porsche Cayenne SUV and the upcoming Porsche Panamera four-door coupe.

Toyota for the first time ever outsold GM worldwide in the first quarter of this year. So far this year Toyota is still outselling GM, but only by 46,000 units. In addition GM even outsold Toyota last quarter (April-June). Could GM win back its title of number 1 automaker this year?

Honda Delays the Next Generation Acura NSX to 2011?!


It seems like the head guys over at Honda can't make up their minds about the next Acura NSX. The automaker released the Advanced Sports Car Concept earlier this year that was supposed to give us a glimpse of the new supercar. Well shortly after it was revealed Honda decided to go back to the drawing board because the overall design did not get the response that they were looking for. It was still rumored that we would see an actual new Acura NSX at this fall's Tokyo Motor Show. Well now it looks like that isn't going to happen either.

More 2009 BMW X6 Spy Photos...This is the Best View Yet!


Spy photos of the upcoming BMW x6 SUV/ Coupe crossover have been circulating the internet for weeks. Unfortunately those photos did not reveal much about the overall styling of the SUV. Well now Brenda Priddy & Co finally managed to catch the X6 with very little camouflage, which gives us a real glimpse of the rear hatch.

Brenda Priddy & Co. have managed to snap several shots of the upcoming Mazda flagship sedan. We've seen several photos of the car, but this is the first time that we can see the full shape. The new 2008 Mazda 6 is bigger than the outgoing version and will also have more power from a new V6.

There are rumors that the next version of the popular MINI will be an SUV. This fall MINI is going to release a third version of the MINI called the Clubman, which is essentially a stretched MINI. BMW is considering other models of the small car, such as the MINI SUV that could be named the Colorado.

Ferrari has unveiled the new Ferrari 430 Scuderia before its official unveiling this September at the Frankfurt Motor Show. This lightweight version of Ferrari's F430 lineup weighs 100kg less than the F430.

Chrysler and Chinese automaker Chery have already announced plans to build a future small car and now Volkswagen is forming a similar relationship. VW and Shanghai Auto are going to work together to produce a car that will be aimed at the global market. The car will initially be sold in China and then in the U.S.

Jeep has announced the pricing for its all new 2008 Liberty SUV. In general the new Liberty is about $1,000 cheaper than the outgoing model. A base Jeep Liberty 4x2 will start at $20,990 when it goes on sale this summer, which is $1,270 less than the 2007 model. The base 4x4 model will start at $22,600 and the Limited model will start at $25,175 for the 4x2 model. The 4x4 Liberty Limited is going to start at $26,785.

2008 Cadillac CTS Pricing Leaked...It Starts at $32,245


Just like the 2008 Subaru Impreza a few days ago, the pricing for the new 2008 Cadillac CTS has been leaked. The new CTS will start at $32,245 for the base 3.6L V6 model with a manual transmission. The 3.6L VVT model with 300 horsepower and standard automatic transmission will start at $34,545.

Volkswagen still remains uncertain about the fate of the new Scirocco in the U.S. First VW's U.S. operations stated that they did not want the car to come here because it would compete with the GTI. Shortly after, VW reported that no decision had been made about the fate of the car. Now there are spy photos of the car testing in California, which adds even more mystery to the situation.

For the past three years, Volkswagen's U.S. operations have lost $1 billion annually. VW has always been up and down in the US market. Before the Beetle was reintroduced 10 years ago, VW was in a similar crisis. Well now the company is having issues again as sales last year slid to 235,000 down from 338,000 in 2002.

The Next-Generation Honda Fit will Debut this Fall


The Honda Fit/ Jazz subcompact has been a hit for Honda. The automaker just announced that the Honda has sold 2 million units of the current model, which came out in 2001. Honda CEO Takeo Fukui has confirmed that the next generation Fit/Jazz will be unveiled this fall. Sales of the new car will start in Japan this fall and in the U.S. soon after.

2010 Saturn Aura/ Next Generation Opel Vectra Spy Photos

Most people already know that the Saturn Aura and the Opel Vectra are similar vehicles that are sold on different sides of the Atlantic. A common misconception is that the two sedans are based on the same platform. This will change with the next generation as both sedans will be virtually identical.

Winding Road has posted a few spy photos of what looks like to be a new coupe from VW. According to the spy photographers, the car pictured here is a prototype of a new VW Phaeton coupe. VW is already given the go ahead for a new Phaeton in 2010 even though the first generation failed to attract many buyers.


This year's SEMA show is still a little more than three months away, but word has already broke that Toyota is going to unveil three new models at the show. The aging Corolla is finally going to be redesigned, an HD Tundra Concept that will be used to gauge interest in a Heavy-Duty Tundra and an FJ Cruiser with a removable hardtop will debut.

The all-new 2009 Audi A4 is set to be unveiled at this September's Frankfurt Auto Show with sales starting early next year. This latest artist rendering of the new A4 draws many styling cues from the new A5.

The pricing for the 2008 Subaru Impreza has been leaked on the web courtesy of a dealer. The base 2008 Impreza with the 2.5L boxer-four will retail for $16,995, which is $1,000 less expensive than the 2007 model. The WRX model will start at $24,350 which is $645 less than the old model.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Chrysler has nixed plans for the large Imperial sedan. The main reason the plans were scrapped are because of the pending legislation in the U.S. Congress that will increase fuel-efficiency standards. The Chrysler Imperial would have been the largest and heaviest car in Chrysler's lineup.

BMW's new X6 SAC (Sports Activity Coupe) has been caught several times during hot weather testing. The latest spy photos gave us a better glimpse at its distinctly slopping roofline, similar to the Mercedes CLS that gives it the "Coupe" label. CarMagazine has posted a few new photo renderings of what they believe BMW's newest 4x4 will look like when it debuts at the Frankfurt Auto Show this September.

GM, Honda and VW and many other automakers have been discussing the futures of diesels in the US a lot lately. Last week GM's Bob Lutz went on camera to discuss the future of GM diesels. He stated that the first diesels will be under the hoods of Cadillacs and Saturns. Well now the automaker has decided to expand its diesel capacity by buying a 50 percent stake in VM Motori S.p.A, an Italian diesel maker.

Hyundai's upcoming rear-wheel-drive coupe has been caught testing in Korea. Hyundai has many new vehicles in the works including the new rear-wheel-drive Genesis sedan and this upcoming coupe. These two vehicles alone will move Hyundai into new segments that the automaker has never been in before.

Transformers Prequel Will be Included with the DVD Release


It is very obvious that there will be a Transformers 2 movie. The film has brought in over $222,000,000 in less than two weeks and add another $100,000,000 for the international box office. Before the sequel is released a prequel is planned for the Transformers DVD.

Subaru Kills the Legacy Wagon and Outback Sedan for 2008


For the next model year Subaru has decided to simplify its lineup, which means the end of the line for the slow selling Legacy Wagon and Outback Sedan. Going forward there will only be Legacy sedans and Outback wagons.

Ford Goes Soy With the 2008 Ford Mustang


Ford's Mustang isn't usually on the top of the list of most eco-friendly vehicles, but it may move a little higher in 2008. Ford is going to be the first automaker to use soy based foam in the 2008 Ford Mustang's seats.

Scion has announced the pricing for the all-new 2008 Scion xD, which is going to replace the xA in Scion's lineup. The new model will start at $14,550 with a manual transmission and a $15,350 for one with an automatic (plus $620 for destination fees).

Obama Buys a Hybrid... Is it Purely a Political Move?


Recently US Presidential candidate Barack Obama was criticized for lecturing automakers about their gas-guzzling vehicles. At the same time he owned a Hemi-powered Chrysler 300C, which to some people seemed a little hypocritical.

Spy photos of the upcoming Porsche GT2 have been surfacing for quite a while now. Well now we now know what the 2008 GT2 will look like and what kind of power it is going to have.

GM Is Going to Release Diesel Cars in the US by 2010


GM has confirmed plans to release diesel engines in Cadillac and Saturn cars by 2010. Vice Chairman Bob Lutz discusses his take on diesel engines and their future in the US in his video blog.

Hybrid Technologies has started production on the all-lithium electric MINI Cooper. The electric version of the popular MINI has been in development for the past two years. This version of the MINI uses Hybrid Tech's own proprietary advanced lithium management and battery-balancing system to propel the car.

Two weeks ago Ford announced that the automaker is going to develop engines with twin turbochargers that will improve power and fuel economy (TwinForce). The first car to feature the new technology will be the 2009 Lincoln MKS sedan.

The return of the much loved Honda CRX has been rumored for years. Earlier this year rumors circulated that Honda is working on a new CRX that will be based on the Fit platform. Now according to Winding Road, the next CRX is going to be a hybrid.

Cars Could Soon be Banned from Times Square


Anyone who has ever been to Times Square can attest to the fact that it is significantly overcrowded due to all the cars and pedestrians. Mayor Michael Bloomberg is trying to hire Jan Gehl, a Danish urban planning consultant and architect to figure out ways to reduce the amount of traffic in and around Times Square.

The Current Porsche 911 Hits 100,000 Units


Porsche has announced that the current generation 911 (known internally as the 997) has sold 100,000 units in just over three years. Production of the current model began in April 2004.

Honda remains committed to being one of the most fuel efficient automakers. According to recent reports by Japan's Nikkei, Honda is planning on releasing its first V6 diesel engine in the US by 2010. Honda has already announced plans for a diesel powered Accord for 2009, but now the automaker is also working on a diesel engine for its larger models.

Another civilian has spotted the upcoming Dodge Challenger undergoing testing in Michigan. The prototype seen here doesn't provide us any better views than the photos that surfaced a few weeks ago. The only difference here is that we get to see what it looks like in silver.

Porsche's new Panamera supersedan has been caught by spy photographers with very little camouflage. We can now see most of the new sedan that will compete with the Maserati Quattroporte, the Mercedes-Benz CLS and the upcoming Aston Martin Rapide.

Allan Mulally, Ford's CEO stated yesterday that Ford is predicting that they will have plug-in hybrids on their showroom floors within 5 to 10 years.

Cadillac SRX will be Updated in 2011


Cadillac's SRX has been on the market since 2004 and it will finally receive an update in 2011, but according to Motor Trend the SRX could be replaced by a BMW X3-size crossover.

It seems like diesels are constantly in the headlines now. Honda has been making headlines with its upcoming Accord diesel that will be out next year. Well VW is also planning a release of an eco-friendly gas-saving diesel next March.

A few weeks ago, spy photos of Nissan's new 2008 Skyline GT-R surfaced after the car appeared at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK. Autocar has posted some spy photos of the interior that were also taken at the festival.

Car Magazine has posted two new spy photos of the upcoming Audi Q5 SUV. But just like the recently spied new Audi A4, you can't see much. If you strain your eyes you can sort of make out the rear of the vehicle through the camouflage.

The Fiat 500 minicar has just been released and the automaker is already thinking about other variants of the car. It has already been confirmed that a cabriolet and an Abarth performance version will be released next year. Now according to Automotive News, Fiat may be thinking about a wagon and SUV version of the car.

Sales of subcompact cars like the Honda Fit and Toyota Yaris have taken off this year, due to the ever increasing gas prices. Honda has already sold approximately 28,000 of the 54,000 Fits that are allotted for the US this year. Last year Honda only sold 23,000 of the little cars. Now Honda dealers can't keep up with the demand, but even with that evidence Mazda still remains skeptical about the market.

Spy photographers have caught fresh photos of the 2009 BMW X6 during hot weather testing in California. The vehicle is heavily camouflaged, but thanks to the testers we're able to see the actual shape of the rear end.

GM has unveiled the hybrid version of its upcoming 2008 Chevy Malibu sedan. The sedan will look exactly like the non-hybrid version and will be powered by a 2.4L 4-cylinder engine mated to a 4-speed automatic transmission.

With the consistently rising gas prices many consumers have been flocking to hybrid powered vehicles, only to later find out that they do not achieve the same gas mileage as the window sticker states. This has been a major problem and will hopefully change with the new 2008 EPA changes.

Honda is giving its popular minivan a midlife facelift. The new 2008 Odyssey will feature a new grille that is similar to the one on the new 2008 Accord. The taillights also will receive a slight update.

Land Rover may produce a new smaller vehicle in order to reduce its fleet average carbon-dioxide emissions. In order to improve their "green rating" Land Rover CEO Geoff Polites told the Financial Times that the automaker is working on improving their current drivetrains by reducing their weight and upgrading their engine management systems.

Spy photographers caught the upcoming convertible version of the BMW M3 testing in Germany. The interesting fact about these photos is that the convertible has the same retractable hardtop as the regular 3-Series convertible. It had been rumored that BMW was going to use a lighter cloth top for the M3 version.

It was reported earlier this week, that Mercedes-Benz was thinking about killing the current A-Class, but now there are rumors that Mercedes may be thinking about building a 1-Series and A3 competitor. Additionally the automaker may be in talks with BMW about using the current MINI platform for the upcoming car.

Leave it to Hollywood to remake every cool movie possible. Hollywood is following the Detroit automakers with their retro Camaros, Mustangs and Challengers, with the remake for the popular 1960's movie Bullit.

Mercedes-Benz has released full specs and photos of the new 2008 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG sedan. The car will feature a 6.3L V8 with 451 horsepower and 443 lb-ft of torque.

The C63 will have a top speed of 155mph and a 0-60 time of 4.5 seconds.

evox.nrt5.kgp.edcrop.jpg wrxsti.fct2.kgp.edcrop.jpg
One of the most anticipated showdowns is soon going to be a reality. Spy photographers caught both the upcoming Mitsubishi EVO X and the Subaru WRX STi running laps on the Nurburgring in Germany.

The next generation Mercedes-Benz E-Class will not grow much in size compared to the current generation, although it is rumored that it will adopt styling cues from the Mercedes CLS.

It seems like the new 2008 Honda Accord is popping up everywhere, even though it is still a few months away from the actual release date. Earlier today photos surfaced from Cape Cod of the new sedan, but now we have some more shots of the coupe.

Is Scion Going to Sell a Re-Badged Subaru Tribeca?

Spy photos of a camouflaged Tribeca-like vehicle with a Scion badge have been published by Japan's New Model Magazine X. Could Toyota be working on a SUV for its "youth-oriented" brand?

Chrysler and its partner Getrag have built a $530 million gearbox plant in Indiana to build 700,000 dual-clutch transmissions per year starting in 2009.

Last week the first camo-free spy photos of the new 2008 Honda Accord surfaced. Now we have four new pics of the V6 sedan caught by two vacationers in Cape Cod and thanks to Brenda Priddy & Co.

Honda is Working on a $3,000 Car


It seems like every carmaker is trying to get a piece of the rapidly growing car market in India. Renault-Nissan, Toyota and other automakers have all announced plans to release "cheap" cars for that market. Well now Honda has announced that the automaker is also planning on releasing an ultra-cheap car by 2009.

It looks like the Chrysler Crossfire is going to continue in production even though there were rumors in April that Chrysler was going to stop production of the coupe this summer.

The last two weeks have been filled with spy shots and speculations about the upcoming BMW 1-Series coupe. Well as predicted BMW has released the full specs and photos of the car today.

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