What are the 20 Most Dangerous Vehicles For Sale Today? Hopefully You Don't Have One!

Forbes has put together a list of the top 20 most dangerous vehicles on the road. The Buick Rendevous SUV/ Minivan topped their list as possibly the worst car to buy right now in terms of safety. Compared to other minivans the Rendevous is up to three times more likely to cause a fatality.

Forbes analyzed crash test results, fatality statistics, safety equipment and Consumer Reports’ accident avoidance ratings to come up with their top 20 list. Standard safety equipment was one of the priorities in the ratings.

Here are the vehicles that made the list (2007 Models In Order):

-Buick Rendevous
-Ford Ranger/ Mazda B-Series Truck
-Nissan Frontier
-Ford Escape/ Mercury Mariner (2007 Model)
-Toyota Yaris
-Hyundai Accent
-Toyota Matrix/ Pontiac Vibe
-Kia Rio
-Chevrolet Aveo
-Suzuki Forenza/ Reno
-Ford Focus
-Jeep Liberty
-Dodge Dakota
-Chevrolet Cobalt/ Pontiac G5
-Nissan Xterra
-Saturn Ion
-Chrysler PT Cruiser
-Honda S2000
-Toyota Scion tC

Luckily most of the cars on this list are close to being phased out or redesigned. What is interesting with the exception of maybe the Honda S2000 and Buick Rendevous, most of these vehicles are entry level vehicles. They are all the among the lowest priced vehicles offered by these automakers. Are automakers ignoring safety in order to keep the prices low? Also there are no European vehicles on the list and most of them are made by American automakers.

Click the link below to see the reasons why each vehicle made the list.

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