Cadillac is Going to Stop Making the STS and DTS to Improve its Image and to Go After BMW

Cadillac hopes to rejuvenate its lineup by killing off its large slow selling STS and DTS sedans. For years Cadillac has had an image of a producer of large luxury barges, for example the Escalade XL SUV. The automaker hopes to change that image by discontinuing its largest sedans and introducing a new small RWD sedan.

In 2011 Cadillac is planning on introducing a new small rear wheel drive sedan that will be based on GM’s Alpha platform. The car will be sold in the U.S. and Europe.

Plans for a new SRX crossover have also been nixed due to slow sales. Instead of redesigning the SRX, Cadillac is planning on introducing a smaller crossover in 2009 that will likely be named the BRX.

The new CTS sedan is expected to be expanded into a full range with wagon and coupe variants.

The replacement for the STS and DTS sedans will be a high-performance sedan that will take aim at the BMW 5-Series. A V-12 flagship car is also in the works to go head to head with the BMW 7-Series.

Will these new models work to pull customers from BMW?

Full Story: Motor Authority

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