Spy Photos of The Next 2009 Acura TSX or is it the Next TL?

Spy photographers have caught a new Acura sedan testing in the California desert. It is obvious that the sedan in the pictures is a new Acura sedan (front grille), but it is unclear which sedan it actually is.

The prototype in these photos looks bigger than the current TSX, so it could be the next TL. Both sedans are due for redesigns in 2009. Even though the sedan looks big it is definitely not a new RL, since that isn’t due for a redesign until 2010 or 2011.

Either way it is apparent that same design cues on the current TSX and TL will be carried over onto this new sedan, even though they will be more dramatic. Note the pointed grille that is more dramatic than the one on the current TL. It is not known if the new sedan will get a similar “shield” grille like the new MDX (there is a lot of camo on the front).

This new sedan is most likely all-wheel-drive, since all Acuras are expected to have it by 2009. A V8 may also be in the works since it has been rumored that Acura is finally working on a V8.

Click on the link below to see the full photos.

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