Spy Photos of Volkswagen's new Four-Door Coupe or is it a New Phaeton Coupe?

Winding Road has posted a few spy photos of what looks like to be a new coupe from VW. According to the spy photographers, the car pictured here is a prototype of a new VW Phaeton coupe. VW is already given the go ahead for a new Phaeton in 2010 even though the first generation failed to attract many buyers.

The prototype in these photos is a heavily modified Audi A8, which has been shortened and widened. Unfortunately the photographers were unable to grab any more shots of the car because once the testers noticed the spies the car was quickly put into a truck.

So Winding Road says this is a new Phaeton coupe, but the guys over at eGMCarTech strongly believe that this is actually a test mule for VW’s upcoming 4-door coupe. With the success of the Mercedes CLS, many other automakers are releasing their own four-door coupes and it has been rumored that VW could possibly have one in the works. eGMCarTech believes that this is a four-door coupe because of the existence of what looks to be rear doors under the camouflage. What do you think?

Click the link below to see the full photos.

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