Toyota is Going to Unveil the new 2009 Corolla, HD Tundra and FJ Cruiser Convertible at The 2007 SEMA Show


This year’s SEMA show is still a little more than three months away, but word has already broke that Toyota is going to unveil three new models at the show. The aging Corolla is finally going to be redesigned, an HD Tundra Concept that will be used to gauge interest in a Heavy-Duty Tundra and an FJ Cruiser with a removable hardtop will debut.

The biggest debut will probably be the Corolla, since it is now known if the other two models will be produced. The Corolla has been due for a redesign for quite a while now, but was delayed for many reasons. One of them being the current Civic that when it was introduced forced Toyota to rethink the new Corolla. This time there will not only be a sedan, but a hatchback/ coupe will also be offered. The hatchback/ coupe could be named the Blade, since it is rumored that the Matrix, which is essentially a Corolla wagon is going to return as a five-door hatchback with a new name.

The HD Tundra will be a Heavy-Duty Diesel Dually version of the new Tundra. The truck is only a concept and is not officially named. It is being presented in order for Toyota to gauge the demand for a bigger more powerful Tundra. It has been reported that Nissan and Toyota are questioning entering the HD truck market. It is not known what engine will be under the hood of the truck, although it could be something from Toyota’s commercial truck division, Hino. It will not be a hybrid, so don’t get your hopes up.

The third model that Toyota is going to unveil is a FJ Cruiser Convertible concept. Aftermarket versions of the FJ Cruiser with the top chopped off have already been touring the auto shows. It is rumored that for Toyota to go through the trouble to design a FJ Cruiser without a top is a lot of work. Therefore this concept version is likely a production version in disguise. We will have to wait to see. Lets hope that Toyota can make it look better than the aftermarket versions (shown above).

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