Porsche has officially announced when its second electric model, the Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo will arrive. Porsche CEO Oliver Blume has announced that the Taycan Cross Turismo will arrive at the end of 2020, which is a year after the Taycan sedan.

Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo

The Taycan Cross Turismo is expected to look pretty close to the Mission E Cross Turismo concept, although the concept’s hood-mounted fog lights will likely be missing. There will also be a few other styling changes as well, like less pronounced fender vents.

Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo concept

The Taycan Cross Turismo will likely have the same powertrain as the Taycan sedan, which means that it will be powered by two electric motors. There will be different power outputs, but the top version will have around 600 horsepower.

Porsche hasn’t announced when the Taycan Cross Turismo will debut, but we will see the Taycan sedan debut in September.