Porsche has announced that it is expanding the number of colors in its Paint to Sample program with over 160 colors for buyers to choose from. The PTS program is also now available on every model in Porsche’s lineup, with the Cayenne and Taycan being the newest additions.

The additional color options are available thanks to an expansion of Porsche’s plant in Zuffenhausen, which currently builds the 718, 911 and Taycan models. Originally Porsche could only build five 911 models in the PTS colors a day, but that has now been expanded to 20.

Most of the PTS colors are drawn from Porsche’s past with colors like acid green and rubystone. The 718 and 911 have over 100 PTS colors to choose from, while the Taycan gets 65 colors and the Cayenne, Macan and Panamera get over 50. The PTS color lists for $11,430 on most of the models, but it can increase to $12,830 if you choose models, like the 911 Turbo.

If you want an even more unique color, Porsche offers a Paint to Sample Plus program, which means that you could paint your special Porsche in any other color that isn’t part of the pre-approved PTS range. You can simply bring a paint sample to Porsche and it will turn it into a bespoke color, which costs from $22,860 to $25,660.