Nissan Announces a 78MPG Car That Will Not be a Hybrid

Unlike most automakers who are focusing on hybrid technology to improve the gas mileage of their vehicles, Nissan has pledged to build a high-mileage car without hybrid technology.

Instead of using hybrid or diesel technology, Nissan is setting a goal to build a car that can travel 100km on just 3L of ordinary petrol by 2010. Without the expensive hybrid or diesel technology, Nissan will be at an advantage, since the vehicle will be able to beat the other vehicles in terms of pricing.

Nissan executive Vice President Mitsuhiko Yamashita claims that “fuel-economy of the 3-liter car will be at the same level as that of hybrids,” reports the Wall Street Journal. Yamashita did not give any other details about how the automaker hopes to achieve this goal or what the vehicle will look like. We can expect something very small and smaller than the Versa pictured above.

Full Story: Motor Authority

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