Lincoln Drops the Price of the 2012 Lincoln MKT with EcoBoost by $3,000

Lincoln has announced the changes to the 2012 Lincoln MKT crossover and the biggest news for the “not pretty” crossover is that it’s now cheaper. Lincoln has dropped the price for the top version, the MKT with EcoBoost by $3,000 bucks to a starting price at $46,295.

The Lincoln MKT with EcoBoost is powered by a turbocharged 355-hp 3.5L V6 with standard all-wheel-drive. The starting price of just over $46k is the same starting price for the 2011 MKT with the standard 270-HP V6 and all-wheel-drive. The base 2012 MKT with the 3.7 V-6 engine and front-wheel-drive starts at $44,300.

To make it easier for those people that do decide to buy the Lincoln MKT, Lincoln has reduced the amount of orderable combinations been by two-thirds.

“You judge a luxury car by how it feels. You judge a luxury car by how it looks and the experience of actually driving it,” said Kate Pearce, Lincoln Consumer Marketing Manager. “You’ll feel the difference the moment you get into a Lincoln, especially with the confidence-inspiring EcoBoost engine.”