A recent report claimed that Lincoln is going to discontinue to Continental again after it’s production run, but it looks like that report is false, since it just revealed details about a future Continental. At a recent dealer meeting, Lincoln revealed that it’s planning on adding suicide doors to a future Continental, which recalls the sedan’s past.

1961 Lincoln Continental, Lincoln Continental suicide doors

During its annual dealer meeting, Lincoln revealed a photo of of the Continental with the rear-hinged doors to its dealers. The move was an effort to show that Lincoln remains committed to its car lineup, but no timing details were announced at the meeting.

“Continental is an important part of the Lincoln family,” a Lincoln spokeswoman told Automotive News. “We have nothing to announce today relative to any future products plans.”

2002 Lincoln Continental Concept, Lincoln Continental suicide doors
2002 Lincoln Continental Concept

This isn’t the first time that Lincoln has discussed adding suicide doors to the Continental, since the original 1961 model. In 2002 Lincoln toyed with the idea with the Continental concept and in 2007 Lincoln’s designers looked at the idea of suicide doors, but conventional doors eventually won since they were deemed more feasible for production.

While Lincoln hasn’t publicly announced its plans for its future car lineup, it did recently announce that it will add two new SUVs to its lineup over the next two years. We’ll get to see a preview of the first one, the new Lincoln Aviator in a few days at the New York Auto Show.

Source: Automotive News