Sales of the Hyundai Ioniq Electric have exceeded Hyundai’s initial projections, which has prompted the automaker to increase the Ioniq Elecric production by 50 percent to keep up with the demand. There’s already a four-five month wait for the Ioniq Electric in South Korea and here in the U.S. you’ll have a hard time finding one.

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Currently Hyundai produces about 1,200 Ioniq Electric models a month, but once the new production capacity ramps up, that number will increase to around 1,800 units a month. Hyundai had already 5,581 units through the end of April this year in South Korea alone, so most of the increased supply will go to buyers in Hyundai’s home market. At least half of the units Hyundai produces are for South Korea consumption, so we can expect buyers in the U.S. to still see a long wait for the Ioniq Electric.

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In the U.S. the Ioniq Electric is so scarce that it’s no surprise that only 99 units were sold through the end of May this year. A quick search on shows that there are currently no Ioniq Electric models available at any dealers in the U.S.

Source: etnews