It’s no surprise that any automaker says that they want to introduce more SUVs in the US, especially Audi who is already working on several new SUVs, but one goal is new. Audi also wants to introduce more wagons in the U.S. for the “anti-SUV” crowd.

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Barry Hoch, Audi’s director of product planning has revealed that Audi has a lot of new models on the horizon over the next 18 months. But even with all the new models that are already in the works, Hoch sees more room for growth. Specifically in the SUV segment, where the brand could go even bigger than the Q7 and in the wagon segment.

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“For us, obviously, one request from this side of the ocean is to have an even bigger SUV,” such as a Mercedes GLS competitor,” Hoch told Automotive News.

Hoch also wants to expand Audi’s wagon lineup beyond the current A4 Allroad for buyers that want an alternative to SUVs. There is a growing segment of buyers that are anti-SUV, which is why several automakers are introducing wagons, like Buick, Jaguar and Porsche.

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“There is a small group of aficionados who could benefit from an additional wagon from Audi,” Hoch said. “It’s certainly something that we see over in Europe, and I want it.”

Source: Automotive News