Mitsubishi sadly killed the much loved Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution in late 2015 and the automaker hasn’t really said much about a replacement. Australia’s Motoring has learned that a new Mitsubishi Evo is going to eventually happen, but sadly it won’t happen for a while.

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Mitsubishi’s global boss Trevor Mann recently stated that Mitsubishi is currently mulling the idea of a new performance flagship. “In terms of the brand, I think it would be interesting to bring something back that’s a bit more sporty in the future,” he stated. “You’ll have to wait and see what that is.”

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Don’t get too excited about a new Evo sedan, since Mann stated that the new Evo won’t necessarily be based on a sedan, like the Lancer Evolution was. Instead there’s a high possibility that the next Evo could be a high-performance Evolution SUV.

Since Mitsubishi has bigger things to fix before it can focus on more niche models, don’t expect to see a new Evolution anytime soon. “I would say [a new performance model] it is long-term rather than mid-term,” Mann said. “It will be between three years and six years.”

Source: Motoring