The Honda Prelude was one of the shining models in Honda’s lineup in the 1980s and 90s, but by the early 2000’s it was gone. Well Prelude fans should like this new report, since it claims that a successor to the Prelude is coming and if the rumors are true it will be an EV, introduced in 2028.

Honda EVs

Earlier this year Honda teased two of its upcoming electric sports cars. One of them was suspected to be an electric NSX, but no one really knew what the second EV was. Now Japan’s Best Car Web is reporting that the cloaked models are successors to the Prelude and NSX. Acura has basically confirmed several times that the next NSX will be an EV, so that’s no big surprise about the NSX, but the Prelude? That’s something exciting. With Honda bringing recently bringing back the Integra name, the Prelude’s return would be the icing on the top.

Although Honda teased its new sports cars, it didn’t provide any big details about either of them, only stating that one of them will be a “specialty” model, while the other is being called a “flagship” model. During the announcement, Honda stated “The joy of driving will be passed on to our models even in the era of electrification.”