Honda is Considering Bringing More JDM Models to the US

Ford has been making headlines lately due to its plans to bring several of its popular European models to the US in the near future. Now it looks like Honda is reportedly also looking at a similar plan that could bring some of its models in Japan to the US as well.

Honda has several fuel-efficient vehicles in Japan that could sell well here. Look at the success Honda with bringing the small Fit to the US. Sales of the Honda Fit are up 73 percent this year, largely due to the $4 price for gas. An all-new Fit is right around the corner as well.

Honda is considering offering its JDM Odyssey and compact Stream wagon in the US. These two models would give the brand more fuel-efficient wagon like vehicles to attract more fuel-conscious buyers.

Honda execs claim that neither of the models will enter the US until Honda is certain that the current US patterns are likely to continue.

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