Honda's New Hybrid Will be Unveiled this October and Gets up to 60mpg

Honda is going to take the wraps off its first all-new Hybrid only model since the Insight, this October.

The New Dedicated Hybrid Vehicle, as its known internally is going to start under $20,000. It was originally rumored that the new vehicle could revive the Insight name, but according to Honda insiders the name will not be used. The new hybrid is powered by a smaller and lighter version of the 1.3L IMA system that is currently used by the Civic hybrid. The system is mated to a continuously variable transmission and helps the vehicle achieve around 60mpg. A nickel metal hydride battery pack is located under the rear floor.

From a styling perspective the new hybrid looks a lot like a Prius with some styling cues from the FCX thrown in. It’s overall size will be slightly wider and taller than the Fit subcompact and will fit five-passengers.

Honda is planning on producing 200,000 units a year, with about half of that coming to North America. Honda’s next hybrid will be the a production version of the CR-Z concept (pictured above) that will be released for the 2011 model year. It will feature a more powerful IMA system and start around $25,000.

To see photos of the prototype Honda Hybrid click below.

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