All-New VW Golf GTI and R Variant Coming Next Year

VW officially unveiled the all-new VVW Golf a few days ago, but said nothing about the GTI and R32 models.

Well we now have so more details about the high-performance versions of the Golf or Rabbit as we know it in the US. According to Autocar the GTI variant of the Golf will be released shortly after the Golf launches and an all-wheel-drive R variant after the GTI.

The new Golf GTI should launch early next year packing the same 2.0L TFSI engine that powers the base Audi A5, featuring Audi’s valvelift technology. Styling for the new GTI will be more aggressive this time with new front and rear bumpers and different head and taillights.

The replacement for the R32 is going to be dubbed the “R” and will feature a boosted 2.0L engine with 265 horsepower instead of the current V6 that is under the hood of the R32. All-wheel-drive will also be part of the “R” variant.

2009 VW Golf:

2009_volkswagen_golf_vi_leaked.jpg 2009_volkswagen_golf_vi_leaked2.jpg 2009_volkswagen_golf_vi_leaked3.jpg 2009_volkswagen_golf_vi_leaked5.jpg

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