Earlier this year Ford announced plans to shift production of the Focus to China when the next-generation Ford Focus debuts in 2019. Now it looks like Ford may be getting ready to send even more production to China, since a new report suggests that the next-generation Ford Fusion will also be built in China.

According to Reuters, the next-generation Ford Fusion will be built in China when it debuts in 2020. This latest news follows Ford’s announcement last week that it will produce its new electric SUV in Mexico, rather than Flat Rock, Michigan. The decision to move the electric SUV’s production to Mexico will not only save Ford money so that it can further invest in its autonomous program, but it will also add 170 jobs in Michigan.

Ford has not confirmed the reports about the Fusion, but with sales of the Fusion dropping 22 percent this year, it makes sense for Ford to find a new production site, to reduce costs.

Source: Reuters