Polestar recently announced that its vehicles will be sold through a non traditional dealership network, which it calls Polestar Space. The brand has now announced that the first Polestar Space will open in Oslo, Norway in mid-2019.

Polestar 1

The first Polestar Space will open in downtown Oslo where it will be positioned near other progressive brand stores in a retail environment. “Polestar will redefine the vehicle ownership experience and the relationship customers have with their car manufacturer,” comments Thomas Ingenlath, Chief Executive Officer of Polestar. “Polestar Spaces are an important part of our customer experience, and where we will physically meet our customers. As Norway is one of the world’s most important electric vehicle markets, it is logical to begin the Polestar Space story in Oslo.”

Once Polestar starts selling its vehicles, buyers can check out the vehicles, build them to their preferred specification and even place an order online. But if buyers prefer a more interactive experience, they can visit a Polestar Space where they can see the cars in person and test drive them with the Polestar experts. The Polestar experts will also not be paid a commission for the vehicles they sell, which will reduce the sales pressure that buyers experience in a traditional dealership.

“We are working on signing-up a number of other Polestar Spaces locations around the world,” Thomas Ingenlath stated. “The global Polestar footprint has started to take shape.”

Source: Polestar