The minivan segment is basically ignored now since buyers prefer SUVs and crossovers, but could Lexus really be planning on entering the segment? A new report hints that a Lexus minivan could be in the near future.

Raymond Rodriguez, president of Lexus Manila recently spoke to Auto Industriya where he hinted that a Lexus minivan could happen. “It’s only a matter of time,” Rodriguez stated. “As a luxury auto maker, ayaw mag paiwan ng Lexus [Lexus does not want to be left behind].”

While minivans are often ignored in the US, they are still desired in other markets. Rodriguez also believes that a Lexus minivan could be a successful rival to the Mercedes-Benz vans.

If Lexus does decide to introduce a minivan, it’s unlikely that it would be offered in the US. Right now the brand is focused on filling out its crossover lineup with the 2019 QX and possibly even a new flagship crossover, which was hinted at with the LF-1 Limitless concept.

Source: Lexus Enthusiast