Dodge’s lineup is going through a transition, since both the Charger and Challenger models will end production in 2023. Once both those models have driven off into the sunset, that will only leave the Durango and the new Hornet in the brand’s lineup, but it looks like it won’t be like that for long.

2023 Dodge Hornet

Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis recently hinted at some new models in an interview with Muscle Cars & Trucks. He hinted that Dodge will introduce new models next year. “I will tell you that it’s more than today. And not even a little bit more than today,” Kuniskis stated.

Dodge will also share its long term future plans to dealers next year, which will likely leak early. “By the way, we’re going to share our future long-term plans with our dealers early next year. And we would love to believe that all this stuff is top secret when we do it, but it’s not,” Kuniskis added.

As of right now we have no idea what new models will be revealed in 2023. We do know that an electric muscle car, that was previewed by the Charger Daytona SRT concept, is slated to arrive in 2024.