Volkswagen is introducing an all-new Passat in China, which looks a lot like a larger Jetta. But while VW isn’t confirming anything, the new Chinese-spec Passat would be a great replacement for the aging and slow selling US-spec Passat.

VW Passat China

On the outside the China’s VW Passat has a sleeker and sportier exterior than the Passat that we have here in the US. It’s overall shape is similar to the new Jetta, which is not a bad thing. At the front it borrows styling cues from the sleek Arteon and as you move to the side it has a sleeker profile, which makes the US version look quite boring.

VW Passat China

We’ll have to wait and see if China’s VW Passat does in fact make it to the US as the next-generation Passat. We shouldn’t have to wait too long to find out, since an all-new Passat is reportedly coming very soon.

In the meantime the 2019 VW Passat in the US is getting a slimmer lineup for the new model year. The sporty Passat GT is done and the V6 engine has been removed from the options list.

Source: VW