Cadillac has released a second set of teaser photos of the flagship Celestiq electric sedan. This time we get a closer look at some of the details in the interior. Cadillac says that the interior draws inspiration from “Cadillac’s 120-year heritage for a bold vision of the future.”

Cadillac Celestiq Interior

“The Celestiq exterior and interior were designed together to reflect a holistic vision of what American luxury can be,” said Tristan Murphy, Cadillac interior design manager. “With Celestiq, we’ve created an even higher level of craft, allowing us to add that beautiful sense of movement through the cabin.”

The interior features an open and spacious design and according to Cadillac it “creates an experience unlike anything else with a focus on meticulous detailing overlayed on a clean cutting-edge design.”

Cadillac hasn’t announced when the Celestiq EV will debut, only stating that it will continue to tease it throughout this summer. Cadillac has already revealed that the Celestiq’s interior will feature a full-width LED display and a smart glass roof with four quadrants so each occupant can set their own level of roof transparency.