BMW and Toyota's Partnership Will Give Birth to a Hybrid Supercar

It’s being reported that BMW and Lexus have decided to collaborate on a new supercar.


Two years ago BMW and Toyota announced an agreement that would see the release of a new sorts car with a hybrid powertrain. It was reported earlier that the sports car would be a midsize model, but now a source is reporting that the two automakers have decided to produce a supercar.
The new supercar will take off where the recently departed Lexus LFA left off. It took Lexus almost 10 years to develop the LFA with its V10 engine. Rather than waste all that effort and money, Lexus is going to use what it learned from the LFA and combine it with BMW’s powertrain expertise. What does that mean? Well it’s expected that the supercar will combine BMW’s 4.4L turbocharged V8 with a Toyota hybrid system.

It’s still not known when the supercar will be released.

Source: Motoring