Another Sketch of Subaru's 086A (FT-86) STI Coupe

Subaru has given the details of what we can expect to see in Tokyo next month, but unfortunately we will not see a concept version of its version of the FT-86 coupe that it is working on with Toyota. For now we have to make due with the numerous sketches and spy photos.

More details continue to surface about Subaru’s version (086A) and now we have more details of what might be in store for the STI version. According Japanese publication Holiday Auto, the regular Subaru 086A will be very close to Toyota’s version, although it will have subtle styling tweaks, but will be powered by the same 2.0L flat-four boxer engine. The STI version gets more exciting by using the 2.5L flat-four with between 240-250 horsepower. The STI version would also get more styling tweaks to make room for a wider track and wheels. The addition of STi only aero parts lke a unique front bumper and rear spoiler are also expected.

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