Are you wishing that Alfa Romeo would release a larger sedan that would rival the BMW 5 Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class? Well sadly you’ll be wish won’t be granted for a few years, since Alfa Romeo has reportedly pushed the launch of its new flagship sedan back until 2021.

Alfa Romeo flagship sedan

But wait there’s a catch. Will Alfa Romeo even release a larger sedan at all? Sales of the Alfa Romeo Guilia sedan aren’t exactly making any “positive” headlines. Last month, Alfa Romeo only sold 916 Guilia sedans and only 5,495 have been sold this year. With less than a 1,000 units sold in August, Guilia sales were basically 1/5 of BMW 3 Series sales, with BMW selling 5,379 units. BMW has also sold 37,170 so far this year. While the Guilia does have a battle on its hands if it expects to steal the crown away from the 3 Series, the slow sales are sure to raise at least a few eyebrows.

While the Guilia may not make a significant boost in Alfa Romeo’s sales in the United States, the new Stelvio crossover might.

Source: Automotive News