No one has said that the current Toyota Prius is pretty, so it looks like Toyota is about to fix that. The plug-in Prius Prime has a less awkward face compared to the standard Prius, so Toyota is reportedly going to give the standard 2019 Prius a face that’s closer to its plug-in brother.

toyota prius prime
Toyota Prius Prime

According to Japan’s CarSensor the 2019 Toyota Prius will get a facelift with less awkward looking headlights that will bring it closer in line with the Prius Prime. When Toyota originally designed the latest Prius and Prius Prime it wanted to give the plug-in version different styling to help it stand out more, which ended with the standard Prius getting a more awkward face.

If the report is true, the biggest change will be the headlights, which will get redesigned turn signals that will look less droopy and more like Prius Prime. Even with cues borrowed from the Prius Prime, Toyota will still try to differentiate the two models.

At the rear the tall and weird looking taillights are also expected to get redesigned.

The changes will not only hopefully make the Prius look a bit better, but will also hopefully improve its sales. Sales of the current Prius have droppped over the last few years, with some critics believing it has to do with its styling.

Source: CarSensor