McLaren has teamed up with Pfaff Automotive Partners, the distributor for McLaren cars to create five unique 570S Spiders to celebrate McLaren’s racing and road-car history in Canada. The special 570S Spiders, dubbed “Canada Commission” were developed by McLaren Special Operations (MSO).

McLaren 570S Spider Canada

On the outside the 570S Spiders are painted in Silica White, with red carbon fiber trim. They are further customized with a white accent stripe on the lower sills, subtle white Canadian flags replacing the ‘570S’ script on the door blades and Canadian Maple Leaf accents on the rear of the vehicle. Ten-Spoke Lightweight Forged Wheels in Stealth Finish provide the finishing touch.

Inside, the black leather Alcantara interior contrasts with a red Alcantara roof liner and red Alcantara steering wheel with a white “12-o’clock mark” and maple leaf accents. A plaque inside each car identifies it as one of five Canada Commission vehicles.

Three of the special 570S Spiders will be available through McLaren Toronto, while one each will be available through McLaren Vancouver and McLaren Montreal. They are priced at $353,206 CAD.

Source: McLaren