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Mitsubishi Releases Sketch of Upcoming Compact Crossover Based on the Concept-cX

Mitsubishi has released a single sketch of its upcoming compact crossover that will draw styling cues from the 2007 Concept-cX show car. The new compact crossover, which will be smaller than the current Outlander will be released first in Japan in February 2010. It's expected to be offered in the US later in 2010. PRESS RELEASE: Mitsubishi Motors Corporation announces all-new Compact...

Acura has Announced the Euro Accord Wagon will come to the US as the 2011 TSX Sport Wagon

For those of us that have been complaining that Honda didn't choose to offer the Euro Accord wagon in the US instead of the 2010 Accord Crosstour, you can stop your whining. Acura has confirmed that the Euro Honda Accord wagon will be offered in the US in 2011 as the Acura TSX sport wagon. Acura didn't release any other...

Ford Names Geely as its "Preferred Bidder" for Volvo

Ford has announced that it is in negotiations with China's Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co. Ltd. to sell Volvo. If the deal does go though, Ford has no plans on retaining any ownership of Volvo. Lewis Booth, Ford Motor Company executive vice president and chief financial officer stated "Ford believes Geely has the potential to be a responsible future owner...

Fiat to Kill Most of Chrysler's Current Models

Chrysler is expected to unveil its 5-year plan next week on November 4th, but the Wall Street Journal has revealed many of the details we can expect to hear next week. The plan is calling for the end of many of the Chrysler models that are currently in US showrooms. Many of the models will be replaced by vehicles from...

Subaru 086A Coupe to Get Turbocharged Engines and All-Wheel-Drive

As we sit here and wait patiently for Subaru to unveil its version of the rear-wheel-drive coupe, that is a result of the collaboration with Toyota, more speculation continues to surface about what we might see. Toyota already unveiled a concept version of its coupe codenamed FT-86, the Subaru version has been codenamed 086A and will supposedly bigger and...

Dodge Ram Hybrid is Still on Target, but the Diesel is in Question

Chrysler is still planning on introducing a hybrid-powered Dodge Ram in 2010, but a diesel-powered model is up in the air. Chrysler announced last year that both models would be introduced in 2010, but those plans may have changed. Scott Kunselman, Chrysler senior vice president of engineering confirmed that the hybrid is still on, but wouldn't comment on the future...

Report: Honda is Working on a Next-Gen Hybrid System for its Larger Vehicles

Although Honda now has the Insight and Civic hybrids and the upcoming CR-Z, Honda is missing a larger hybrid to compete with the Fusion and Camry hybrids. Honda did have an Accord hybrid with the last generation, but the fact that it was mated to a six-cylinder, many of us didn't notice it. Well it looks like Honda is...

Next-Gen Honda Civic Reportedly Will be Smaller, Lighter and More Fuel-Efficient

The Honda Civic has consistently remained near the top of the sales charts for years, but according to the latest reports, product chief Tsuneo Tanai has told engineers to go back to the drawing board for the next Civic. When gas prices spiked and the economy took a nose dive, the Civic was in high demand. It even managed...

BMW is Not Planning a High-Performance 5-Series GT M

BMW recently released M versions of its X5 and X6 SUVs, but according to the latest reports BMW is not planning an M version of the 5-Series GT. A source told AutoCar that the most powerful 5-Series GT will be the twin-turbo V8 550i. BMW is also not planning an M version of the new Z4. Full Story: AutoCar

Toyota May Revive the Celica Name for its Upcoming RWD Coupe

Toyota recently unveiled a concept version of its new rear-wheel-drive coupe in Tokyo. The production version that is the result of a collaboration between Toyota and Subaru is expected to go on sale some time in 2012. Toyota hasn't announced what the official name will be for the coupe, but according to Autocar, the coupe could be named the...




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