Fiat to Kill Most of Chrysler's Current Models

Chrysler is expected to unveil its 5-year plan next week on November 4th, but the Wall Street Journal has revealed many of the details we can expect to hear next week.

The plan is calling for the end of many of the Chrysler models that are currently in US showrooms. Many of the models will be replaced by vehicles from Fiat and Alfa Romeo.

Expect more details next week, but for now here’s a list of what models we can expect to see either die or survive…


* PT Cruiser (Dead)
* Sebring (Dead)
* Town and Country
* 300: Redesign in 2011
* Fiat 500: 2011


* Caliber (Dead)
* Nitro (Dead)
* Avenger (Dead)
* Grand Caravan (Dead)
* Charger: Redesign in 2011
* Challenger
* Journey
* Ram trucks


* Commander (Dead)
* Compass (Dead)
* Patriot (Dead)
* Wrangler
* Grand Cherokee: Redesign in 2010

Alfa Romeo

* MiTo
* Milano (replacing 147)
* Unknown Mid-Size Sedan

Full Story: WSJ via KickingTires

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