Subaru 086A Coupe to Get Turbocharged Engines and All-Wheel-Drive

As we sit here and wait patiently for Subaru to unveil its version of the rear-wheel-drive coupe, that is a result of the collaboration with Toyota, more speculation continues to surface about what we might see. Toyota already unveiled a concept version of its coupe codenamed FT-86, the Subaru version has been codenamed 086A and will supposedly bigger and badder than its twin.

Well the latest reports are claiming that Subaru’s coupe will be all-wheel-drive instead of the rear-wheel-drive setup of the Toyota version. The base engine will be a turbocharged 2.0L with 250 horsepower and the STI version will put out 308 horsepower. The Subaru coupe is also going to be bigger than its Toyota twin. Lastly more power, all-wheel-drive and bigger exterior dimensions also means that the Subaru version will be priced higher than the Toyota.


Full Story: BestCar via 7Tune

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