Report: Honda is Working on a Next-Gen Hybrid System for its Larger Vehicles

Although Honda now has the Insight and Civic hybrids and the upcoming CR-Z, Honda is missing a larger hybrid to compete with the Fusion and Camry hybrids. Honda did have an Accord hybrid with the last generation, but the fact that it was mated to a six-cylinder, many of us didn’t notice it. Well it looks like Honda is finally working on a new hybrid system that will be offered in Honda’s larger models like the Accord.

According to the Automotive News, Honda is working on a new hybrid system for its larger vehicles that will be different than the current system offered in the Civic and Insight. The new system will use two electric motors compared to the single electric motor that Honda is currently using.

“That is one major initiative we are working on,” COO of automobile operations at Honda Tsuneo Tanai, told Automotive News. “The motor will have higher output. There will be dual motors, with a larger battery that enables the car to be driven in all-electric mode.”

Tanai did not reveal when we can expect to see the new system and which vehicles it will be offered in. According to Japan’s Nikkei business daily Honda is planning a hybrid minivan in 2011.

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