Volkswagen has repeatedly stated that it wants to increase its market share in the United States and while the brand continues to expand its SUV lineup, it might go a step further – the truck segment. VW hasn’t made any announcements, but it’s being reported that VW is going to test the waters with a new pickup concept that will debut this week at the New York Auto Show.

Five-passenger VW Atlas concept
Five-passenger VW Atlas concept

According to Automotive News, the concept will be a unibody pickup concept that’s based on the Volkswagen Atlas SUV. Think of as VW’s take on the Honda Ridgeline. The midsize pickup concept will debut alongside the new five-passenger Atlas concept at the show. VW has already confirmed that the coupe-like Atlas concept is headed to production, but we’ll have to wait and see if the pickup concept gets the green light as well.

If the response to the pickup concept is good, VW could put into production at its Tennessee plant. Earlier this year VW trademarked the Amarok name in the United States, which is same name that it uses for a pickup that is sold in other markets around the world.

The midsize pickup segment has been brought back to life in the past few years, which started with GM’s new pickups. Ford is bringing back the Ranger later this year and even Hyundai is expected to enter the segment soon.

Source: Automotive News