Volvo wants to electrify ever model in its lineup and to do that it is putting all of its energy into its ambitious plan, which means any hopes for a new Volvo convertible or even coupe-like SUV are on hold. Part of Volvo’s plan is to increase its sales to at least 800,000 units a year by 2020, which it plans to do without introducing any completely new models.

2019 Volvo XC40

Volvo’s Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) boss Lex Kerssemakers recently told Autocar, “It would be nice to have a convertible or a coupe. It’s the cream on the cake but you don’t need it to survive.” He continued that by revealing that any new models would have to wait until after 2020, which actually isn’t that far away. Kerssemakers didn’t reveal any details about the new models, but Volvo has already trademarked the XC50 name, which hints at a future coupe-like SUV.

In the meantime Volvo is working on plug-in hybrid and fully electric versions of the XC40 and Volvo’s high performance Polestar brand is also working on a lineup of electric vehicles. Even though we won’t see any new additions to the Volvo lineup for a few years, Volvo will reveal a new S60 soon and then also complete the 40 Series lineup with new V40 and S40 models.

Source: Autocar