Volvo Claims That the XC90 is Not Dead

Yesterday it was reported that Volvo had decided to cancel the replacement for the next-generation XC90 SUV. Well Volvo got word of these rumors and responded to Auto Motor and Sport, who originally stated Volvo’s future plans.

According to Volvo the XC90 is not dead and a facelifted version is going to be released for 2009. Auto Motor and Sport originally stated that Volvo was going to kill off the SUV because of the costs associated with developing more fuel-efficient engines. It is still up in the air to which platform the new XC90 will use although it is expected that it will be a Ford platfrom to help keep costs down.

Volvo went on to say that Ford does not dictate the vehicles that Volvo produces and that they are more autonomous than ever. Since Volvo is going to start over with an all-new design/ platform for the XC90 it is expected that Volvo is going to lose a couple life-cycle years with the next-generation. Although in the end Volvo hopes that they will be in a better position a more competitive XC90.

Full Story: Auto Motor and Sport (via WorldCarFans)

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