In markets outside the US, Volkswagen offers the Amarok pickup truck, but here in the the United States we’ve been wondering if it would ever be offered in the United States. Well there is a strong chance that it could come here, since VW recently trademarked the Amorak name here.

Volkswagen filed the trademark on May 13, 2021 and it was first discovered by CarBuzz. While the trademark doesn’t specifically state that it will be used by the pickup truck here, it could happen. It’s worth noting that this is the second time that the Amarok name has been trademarked here, since VW filed the same trademark in early 2018.

The current-generation Amarok is a body-on-frame pickup truck that competes with the Ford Ranger. VW can’t sell the current one here since it wasn’t designed for US regulations, but the second-generation is going to be closely related to the next-generation Ford Ranger, which means it would be easier to bring here.

VW still hasn’t made any remarks about offering a pickup truck in the US, so the trademark could mean nothing. VW did recently hint at a new truck for the US with the Tarok concept that debuted in 2019. Stay tuned.