VIDEO: Fifth Gear gets Behind the Wheel of the Honda CR-Z Mugen

We’re still waiting for Honda to release a high-performance version of the Honda CR-Z hybrid. While we wait for that, Mugen has managed to make some modifications to the CR-Z, which make it worthy of the “sport hybrid” name.

The CR-Z Mugen has a supercharged 197-hp 1.5L hybrid powertrain, which is much better than the standard 122-hp. Honda recently let the guys over at Fifth Gear have sometime behind the wheel of the CR-Z Mugen.

As the guys point out, the CR-Z Mugen has a lot more power, handles better and is lighter than the standard model, but the changes make it much harder to live with. The CR-Z Mugen is made much more for the track than your everyday commute.

“The world’s fiercest and noisiest hybrid”

Check out the video after the jump.