Unveiled: 2009 BMW 7-Series Photos Leak onto the Web

The first photos of BMW’s all-new 2009 7-Series have leaked onto the web before its official unveiling.

Since BMW has yet to officially release a press release for the new 7-series most of the final details are scarce. It is rumored that the 750i and 750iL will get the same 400 horsepower twin-turbo V8 that has recently been introduced in the X6. Other possible powertrains are a twin-turbo six-cylinder with 326 horsepower, diesel engines and maybe even a hybrid.

Inside the 7-Series will get all the latest technology, which includes massaging rear seats, a lane departure warning system, night vision, adaptive cruise control, a revised iDrive, etc.

Expect more details soon.

2009_bmw_7series_leak2.jpg 2009_bmw_7series_leak3.jpg 2009_bmw_7series_leak4.jpg 2009_bmw_7series_leak5.jpg 2009_bmw_7series_leak6.jpg 2009_bmw_7series_leak7.jpg 2009_bmw_7series_leak8.jpg 2009_bmw_7series_leak9.jpg 2009_bmw_7series_leak10.jpg 2009_bmw_7series_leak11.jpg 2009_bmw_7series_leak12.jpg

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