Pontiac Mulls the Idea of a V6 Powered G8 Sport Truck aka El Camino

GM’s yet to be named Pontiac G8 Sport Truck has yet to receive an official name, but Pontiac is already discussing the idea of offering a V6 in the spiritual successor to the El Camino.

When GM unveiled the G8 Sport Truck earlier this year the automaker unveiled it with the 361 horsepower 6.0L V8 under its hood. Of course this was before gas prices hit way over $4 bucks a gallon. Now Pontiac is rumored to be considering a six-cylinder option in the Sport Truck. This would be the same 256 horsepower 3.6L six-cylinder that is currently offered in the G8 sedan. Seems like a no brainer.

2010_g8_sport_truck3.jpg 2010_g8_sport_truck4.jpg 2010_g8_sport_truck5.jpg 2010_g8_sport_truck6.jpg 2010_g8_sport_truck7.jpg 2010_g8_sport_truck8.jpg 2010_g8_sport_truck9.jpg

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