It looks like Porsche might be getting ready to expand the Panamera lineup with the introduction of two-door and cabriolet versions that would rival the BMW 8 Series.

According to Autocar, Porsche is reportedly working on the two new versions of the Panamera that could arrive as early as next year. The two-door and cabriolet versions of the Panamera will be positioned as more practical 2+2 models than the 911.

Porsche design boss Michael Mauer told Autocar, “As a designer there are no limits to what I can conceive. I believe it is the design department’s role to sketch and consider every model it can for the future so that we are ready should anyone wish to pursue a project.”

Sadly he stopped short of confirming the new models, “But if you are asking me to confirm if such projects are on the way then you are going to be disappointed. It is not my role to consider such things.”

According to the reports, the Panamera coupe and cabriolet will be based on a shortened version of the Panamera’s MSB platform. There’s a slight change they might not even get the Panamera name.