Transformers Prequel Will be Included with the DVD Release

It is very obvious that there will be a Transformers 2 movie. The film has brought in over $222,000,000 in less than two weeks and add another $100,000,000 for the international box office. Before the sequel is released a prequel is planned for the Transformers DVD.

Mark Ryan, the guy who did the voiceover for Bumblebee recently told an interviewer, “I recently recorded more material for the DVD release of the film. It has to do with the prequel that will set up the second film.”

We can expect this to mean that the DVD will contain some never before seen footage that will set up the storyline for the sequel.

Autoblog speculates that the plot of the sequel could revolve around Bumblebee. In the film we don’t see how he arrives on earth, since he arrives before the rest of his Autobot friends. The sequel could provide more insight into his arrival and why he did not have a voice until the end of the movie. (Sorry if I spoiled any part of the plot for those who haven’t seen it yet).

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