It’s no secret that sedans are becoming the next victim of the crossover. Sedan sales continue to drop, which has made some automakers, like Chrysler, abandon the segment. Toyota still has the best selling sedan in the country, but that doesn’t mean it’s not evaluating its own lineup.

2018 Toyota Corolla

Jack Hollis, head of U.S. sales for the Toyota brand recently revealed to Bloomberg that its not going to discontinue models, but it is looking at offering few trim levels of some of its sedans.

“We will look and evaluate every single one,” Hollis stated. The Yaris, Corolla and Prius each have several different variants, he continued. “Do we need all of them? We just want to evaluate the performance of each.”

Ford recently announced that it will shift focus away from sedans, in favor of SUVs, but Toyota’s plans won’t be as drastic. Toyota already recently introduced the all-new Camry and just last month it also unveiled the next-generation 2019 Avalon.

“I don’t mind it if other people want to get out of the market,” Hollis said. “We should be able to maintain and continue to grow market share.”

Source: Bloomberg