Today Toyota doesn’t offer a single electric car, since it’s focused its energies on regular hybrids and the fuel cell Mirai. That will soon change, since Toyota is planning on introducing more than 10 fully electric cars by the early 2020s.

2017 Toyota Prius Prime

Toyota unveiled its new plan today in Japan and plans on introducing the first electric car in China, which will then be followed by introductions in Japan, the U.S., India and Europe. In addition to the new electric cars, Toyota will offer electrified versions of every model Toyota and Lexus model by 2025. Toyota hopes to sell more than 5.5 million hybrid, plug-in hybrid, electric and hybrid fuel cell vehicles by 2030.

In the past Toyota has focused its energy on gasoline-electric hybrid models, since it said that fully electric cars weren’t ideal due to their slow charging times and limited driving range. Toyota is obviously having to change its views on electric vehicles, since several countries, like China and India are now putting regulations in place to favor EVs.

The latest plan will also put Toyota in front of the other Japanese automakers, including Nissan.

“Electrified vehicles, which are effective for economical consumption of fuel and promoting usage of alternative fuels, are indispensable in helping to solve current environmental issues,” Toyota stated. “As a result, the number of models developed without an electrified version will be zero.”

Source: Automotive News