Late next year Mercedes-Benz is going to introduce the new A-Class sedan in the United States, which will be positioned below the CLA in its lineup. The A-Class Sedan will not only be the smallest car in the lineup, but also the cheapest as Mercedes-Benz tries to woo younger buyers.

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The automaker’s global sales chief, Britta Seeger says that the A-Class Sedan is “right answer for the market.”

“It’s a very attractive car for younger people,” Seeger said. “But not only for younger people — it can have a broad audience because it’s a nice entrance into the Mercedes-Benz family.”

Mercedes-Benz hasn’t announced the pricing for the 2019 A-Class Sedan, but it’s been speculated that it will start below the $30,000 mark. Production of the A-Class Sedan is also reportedly going to take place in Mexico at a Nissan-Daimler joint venture assembly plant.

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We haven’t seen the production version of the 2019 Mercedes-Benz A-Class Sedan, but Mercedes-benz did preview it with a concept version earlier this year.

Source: Automotive News