This month Chevy and Ram will unveil their new pickups at the Detroit Auto Show. They will both battle the Ford F-150 for the full size truck crown, but while Toyota will now have the oldest pickup in the segment, Toyota is getting ready to fix that.

2018 Toyota Tundra

“I don’t think there’s [a] much higher priority than that,” stated Jack Hollis, group vice president and general manager of the Toyota division. In addition to the all-new Chevy Silverado and Ram 1500, Ford also gave the F-150 an update for the 2018 model year, so Toyota needs a new Tundra fast.

“Tundra has been out for plenty of time so we’re looking at what the new one would look like,” said Hollis. Even though the Tundra and Toyota’s other pickup, the Tacoma, are getting old, Toyota says that it’s still having a hard time keeping up with the demand. “We’ve been well behind the demand,” said Hollis. “Our dealers can’t wait to have more of the trucks.”

A new Tundra also means that Toyota is working on a new Sequoia as well. Last fall, Ed Laukes, Toyota’s North American vice president of marketing revealed that a new Sequoia is in the works as well as a new 4Runner.

Source: AutoGuide