BMW is expected to put the large 8 Series coupe into production at some point this year and if sales take off, Audi could follow it with its own flagship coupe. Audi’s design boss Marc Lichte recently revealed to Autocar that he would like Audi to introduce a luxury coupe to rival the 8 Series, but the current market demand makes it a hard case.

Audi Prologue Concept

“I love the shape of a two-door coupé, but it is also true that the [sales] volumes [for them] are much lower than for four-doors. In the future, who knows? We have many ideas in this direction.”

When the 8 Series arrives, it will go head to head with the Mercedes-Benz S-Class coupe, but even with the slight resurgence of luxury coupes, they still have a long way to go to register on most shopper’s lists.

Audi has been toying with the idea of a large luxury coupe and even previewed what it could look like with 2014’s Prologue concept. The concept was originally used to preview the brand’s new design language, but could also be used for a flagship coupe, dubbed the A9.

As of right now, there’s no word on if or when an Audi luxury coupe will arrive. “First we must launch the A6, then we have the Q8 next year, A1 and Q3,” stated Lichte.

Source: Autocar