Toyota iQ Wins Japanese Car of the Year

It’s definitely very interesting times when Toyota’s small iQ manages to beat out the Nissan GT-R supercar for the title of Japanese Car of the Year.

65 jurors gave the Toyota iQ 526 votes and 39 of the 65 jurors actually gave the iQ a perfect 10 score. The Citroen C5 came in second with 223 votes and the Nissan GT-R came in 3rd with 201 votes.

The Toyota iQ’s Chief Engineer Hiroki Nakajima said: “I wish to thank my Toyota colleagues for giving me some slack and putting up with my one-track, head-strong mission to build a car like no other, the world’s smallest four-seater, and that some self-indulgence on my part was necessary to achieve such an epoch-making vehicle.”

The iQ is expected to make its North American debut at the LA Auto Show next week as a Scion.

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