VIDEO: What Will Happen if the Big Three U.S. Automakers Collapse?

GM has put together an informational video of what it predicts will happen if the Big Three automakers all fail next year.

Some highlights:
-If all three fail next year it will result in 3 million U.S. jobs lost in the first year
-Total governement tax loss over three years = $156.4 billion
-The U.S. GDP would drop 4 percent, compare that to the fact that the current economic downturn was caused by a .3 percent drop
-One out of every ten jobs in the U.S. relies on the U.S. auto industry

According to a recent poll the majority of U.S. adults feel that the government should provide loans to the auto industry. In addition, aid to automakers is viewed as just as important or more important than aid to the financial sector.

What do you think? Should tax payers and the government help the Big 3?

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